The Typographic Hub


In order to advance this project a steering group has been formed, known as Watford's Printing Past Study Group it has a number of aims and objectives.


1 - Encourage research into and promote public knowledge and understanding of Watford’s printing past. 

2 - Cooperate with other organisations, societies and individuals to promote research into and public knowledge and understanding of Watford’s contribution to printing history.

3 - Support the development of projects and other activities, which enhance knowledge and understanding of Watford’s printing past.

4 - Disseminate a newsletter to maintain contact between interested parties.

5 - Maintain a website which draws attention to information about the history of printing in Watford, relevant research and activities, publications, primary sources, artefacts and places associated with the local printing trade.

6 - Facilitate contact and the sharing of information between members of the Project via activities and events.