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Books about Watford

NUNN, J B, Watford Past, a pictorial history in colour; NUNN J. B., The Book of Watford; PHILLIPS, Oliver, Watford in the 20 Century; Vol. 1; 1900-1939; PHILLIPS, Oliver, Watford in the 20 Century; Vol. 2; 1939-1959; PHILLIPS, Oliver, Watford in the 20 Century; Vol. 3; 1960-1979; ROOK, Tony, A History of Hertfordshire; SAUNDERS, W R, History of Watford; TAYLOR, Peter, Illustrated Companion to the History of Watford (and District);

Directories of Watford 

Pigot's Directory of Hertfordshire; The Post Office Directory of Hertfordshire; Kelly's Directory; Peacock's Watford Directory & Almanack; King & Wheedon's Almanack; King's Trades Men's Guide; Hertfordshire Almanac; Hertfordshire & Essex Trades Directory; Bennett's Business Directory for Hertfordshire; Watford Civic Survey, 1, 2 + 3; Clutterbuck's History of Hertfordshire, 1,2 +3; Watford Trades Men's Association.

Books about Printing in Watford

BATSFORD, Peter, A consideration of the Relationship between the Printing Industry & Technical Education in the Watford Areas 1870-1970; GREENHILL, David, Printing & its Development in Watford; LEACH, Robert, Let the Ink Flow: the history of the first fifty years of Fishburn InkRANNARD, Joan, The Location & Economic Growth of the Watford Paper & Printing Industries;

Articles about Printing in Watford

ARCHER, Caroline, Printing in Hertfordshire; DofEReport of the Committee of Inquiry into the Dispute at Odhams [Watford] Ltd; DAVIES, Peter, Watford College Equipes for a Changing Industry; 



Watford Musuem; St Bride LIbrary; Paper Trail