The Typographic Hub

Trade writing

The Typographic Hub has written more than 600 features and articles for the trade press, some of which can be found on the 'Articles' pages of this website. Magazines to which the Hub has contributed include:

Print Week is the highest circulating and most widely read printing industry title in the UK. The Typographic Hub has contributed numerous features, including

The History of IPEX, May 2010; Technically tiny, January 2009; Fount of Wisdom, November 2008; Thistles and fonts, September 2008; Print's secret history, August 2008; Turning forgery into freedom, May 2008; Print's centuries old labour of love, February 2008; The art of high-tech printing, March 2007; Streets ahead with an A to Z, November 2006; Print’s macabre side, September 2006; Directory rings in the changes, May 2006; Print walking tour, October 2005; Print’s match day winner, September 2005; Royal stamp of approval, April 2005; Printing with principles, February 2005; Writers with a thirst for print, November 2004; The lexicon of print, October 2004; The true origins of print, September 2004; Poetic legacy of the printed word, July 2004; Printers pass ultimate test, July 2004; Cost-cut cards, May 2004; Printing as a way of life, April 2004; Could you print under these conditions?, March 2004; The 100 club, February 2004; Dear diary, November 2003; Engraving revival, August 2003; Worlds apart, July 2003; Lightning quick, June 2003; The top 10 Great British printers, February 2003; Code of conduct, January 2003; Cheap and cheerful, November 2002; Britain’s secret industry, October 2002; High society, October 2002; Not just for reference, August 2002; A history of vice, November 2002; Staying power, July 2002; Vocational vacations, June 2002; Pageant of printing, June 2002; Promotion parade, May 2002; Ipex through the ages, April 2002; Access to print’s history with bookhad, April 2002; Print hot spots, April 2002; Long live letterpress, March 2002; A doyenne of print to inspire and impress, 22 February 2002; Ipex through the ages, February 2002; Typographic trend setters, October, 2001

In addition The Hub has written more than 500 columns on the social and technical side of printing for Print Week.

Baseline typographics magazine publishes articles on all aspects of type, including its design, history, use,and links to the graphic, art and craft scenes. It publishes historical and new material, from academic as well as journalistic sources.

Women in print, January 2009; Type tours, March 2007; Let’s take a look at Birmingham, May 2006; Sex, sedition and the printing press, February 2006; Body type, July 2005; TypoTechnica, June 2005; Kings, Cardinals and a Cabinet des poinçons, September 2004; St Bride and the Watford connection, June 2004; Linotype Library, April 2004; Typogrammes, January 2004; Kata-tracts, August 2003; Tart cards, December 2002; Design essays, June 2002; Designer printers, December 2001

Computer Arts Project/Computer Arts give in-depth guides on creative subjects; including print design, typography, packaging, creative advertising, and how to start your own design business.

Type’s deadly sins, April 2009; Pictorial types, April 2009; Take charge of your fonts, October 2008; Paragons of print, October 2008; Body parts, June 2008; Name that face, June 2008; Join the fat club, June 2008; Information design, August 2007; Fresh off the slab, March 2007; The next big trend, December 2006; Global type, July 2006

Eye is published quarterly for a discerning readership of designers, art directors, photographers, typographers, educationists, multimedia specialists and other professionals in the art and business of visual culture.

Army printing, April 2004; Printers type specimens, May 2002

Print (USA): is a magazine about visual culture and design. Covering a field as broad as communication itself, Print documents and critiques commercial, social, and environmental design from every angle.

Erotic museum, April 2004; Venustemple, April 2004; Musee de L’Erotisme, April 2004; Vice cards, June 2003; Parisian art underground, March 2003

Fused Magazine  is an art, design, music and fashion magazine with editorial coverage is national and international; distributed throughout the United Kingdom it is published bimonthly and based in the Midlands.

Underground art, 2005; Tart cards, London’s illicit advertising art, 2003.

Independent on Sunday, 'Talk of the Town' a colour supplement issued with the London edition of the newspaper

Kinky fun with busty blonde model, October 2003; Cataphiles beneath the city: a genuinely underground art movement, February 2004

Miscellaneous writings

Identify yourself, Impress, UK; Die stamping, Design Week, UK; Industrial publishing, Print & Publishing, India; House journals, Print & Publishing, India; Spirit of St Bride, Ultra Bold, UK; Typography for children, Paradigm; Unjustified lines, Printing Historical Society Bulletin, UK; Printer poets, Printing Historical Society Bulletin, UK; The Kynoch Press, Printing Historical Society Bulletin, UK