The Typographic Hub


MONOGRAPHS written by the Typographic Hub

Archer, Caroline; Paris Underground; Mark Batty Publishers; New York, 2005

Archer, Caroline; The St Bride Notebook; Incline Press, Oldham, 2003

Archer, Caroline; Tart Cards: London’s illicit advertising art; Mark Batty Publishers; New York, 2003

Archer, Caroline; The Kynoch Press, 1876–1981, The anatomy of a printing house: British Library, London, 2000


BOOK CHAPTERS written by the Typographic Hub

Archer, Caroline; Various entires in Encyclopedia of Graphic Design Classics; Phaidon, London 2012

Archer, Caroline; ‘Printing in Hertfordshire’ in Hertfordshire Historical Atlas; University of Hertfordshire Press, 2011

Archer, Caroline; ‘Introduction’ in Femmes et Metiers du Livre; Talus d’approche, Paris, 2004

Archer, Caroline; ‘With thanks to Leonard Jay’ in The Education of a Typographer; Allworth Press, US, 2004