Herbert Simon


Herbert Simon was a friend to many artists, an industrial archaeologist and rail enthusiast who turned the Kynoch Press, Birmingham into one of Britain’s leading fine printing houses. Simon was born in 1898 to an affluent, middle-class, Jewish émigré family, his father, Louis, was a scholarly cotton merchant and his mother, Louisa, was the sister of the artists William Rutherston and Albert Rothenstein. Herbert was the younger brother of Oliver Simon who was made a name for himself as director of the Curwen Press in London. In 1919 went to work in the famous American printing house of William Edwin Rudge in Mount Vernon, New England. Herbert worked under Bruce Rogers who gave him a comprehensive grounding in all aspects of printing and encouraged him in his appreciation of typography as it developed on both sides of the Atlantic. Then in February 1922, at the age of 24 years, he was appointed manager of the Kynoch Press.