David Wishart


David Wishart was one of the best small press printers in England. A lecturer in statistics and mathematics at the University of Birmingham, it was whilst editing The Journal of the Royal Statistical Society that he became interested in printing, and bought an Adana press, some type and set up the Hayloft Press. Wishart was fascinated with printing non-European languages and his eclectic composing included Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Greek, Hebrew, Russian, Old Church Slavonic and, of course, mathematical types. John Randle of the Whittington Press described David Wishart's non-Latin work as 'masterpieces of intricate setting, calculated to the nearest point and a terrifying sight for any printer who had to transfer them from David's galley and lock them up in the forme.’ Wishart was a dedicated member of Birmingham Bibliographical Society and the Wynkyn de Worde Society, and shared his enthusiasm for fine printed books generously.