Charles Henry Foyle


Charles Henry Foyle, was a member of the Foyle bookshop dynasty, alleged inventor of the folding carton and founder of Boxfoldia [1920] Birmingham. Foyle revolutionised packaging enabling even the most humble of items to be wrapped in decorative cartons with each package becoming its own advertisement. For over 80 years Foyle’s company, Boxfoldia has provided carton solutions to packaging problems. This experience, coupled with the latest 6-colour litho printing techniques and widest possible range of finishing equipment has made Boxoldia one of the most famous names in the packaging business. But Foyle didn’t just make boxes he also published books and his output included the delightful Alice Through The Paper-Mill, [Birmingham: C. H. Foyle of Boxfoldia, 1940] an Alice In Wonderland inspired satire on war-time paper control regulations illustrated by Arthur Wragg.