Birmingham School of Printing


Part of the Birmingham School of Arts & Crafts, the School of Printing was established in 1924 with one half-time member of staff teaching two half-day classes and some evening classes for pre-apprentice composing students. From these slender roots the School of Printing became second to none in the UK or any other country. By 1952 it was attended by 537 students at 74 classes of which 40 were day and 34 in the evening, with a staff of 9 full-time and 13 part-time instructors. Besides learning to print students were taught to discriminate and to reject whatever was second-rate in design of production. Their skill is obvious in the work that issued from the School, the first book was a passage from Ecclesiasticus which was followed by over 150 publications, which have won praise throughout the world for the high quality of their design and production