Baskerville Typeface


Baskerville is one of the worlds most well-known and enduring typefaces and with it creation England, for the first time, became an influence on European printing. Baskerville was the first typeface that not merely freed itself from continental printing but also profoundly influenced the whole course of typographic development both in England and the Continent. With its open, round letters, increased contrast between thick and thin strokes the typeface astonished English printers and greatly interested their foreign counterparts. Foremost amongst which was Giambatista Bodoni whose imagination was excited by his admiration for the Baskerville types whose influence can be seen in the typefaces of his own creation. The typography of the French Revolution is often handsome and striking, but its inspiration can also be traced in the work done in Birmingham twenty years earlier. Thus it was that Birmingham became the 18th century centre of typographic prestige.