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NOTE: This event is now closed

Typographic Horizons | Symposium

18th November 2009

A one-day typographic symposium held at Birmingham Institute of Art & Design, Birmingham City University
Wednesday 18 November 2009

In the light of history, and of art, and of knowledge, and of man’s achievements, typography is as interesting a work as exists – a broad and humanizing employment which can indeed be followed merely as a trade, but which if perfected into an art, or even broadened into a profession, will perpetually open new horizons to our eyes and new opportunities to our hands.  Daniel Berkeley Updike, Printing Types

Following a call for papers the symposium welcomed 15 contributors to who either spoke or presented posters to the theme of Typographic Horizons. Contributors interpreted the topic in many ways: in an historical or contemporary context; from a technical or empirical perspective; explored the area from either an applied or theoretical standpoint; and considered the effects of the digital present and predicted the unknown future. 

Contributors included academics, professionals and recent graduates with an interest in typography. Participants came from all areas of typography, type design, digital media, printing, publishing and advertising.

Speakers included

David Osbaldestin, Birmingham City University, UKFrom blackboard to Baskerville  |  John D Berry, Microsoft Typography, Seattle, USA, Hand-held typography  |  Will Hill, Senior Lecturer, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK, Spaces between; spaces within  |  Marcus Leis AllionAa-Nn-Dd, Brighton, UK, Reinscribing typography  | John Rooney | Salford University, UK, Visible narratives  |  Henrik Birkvig, Head of Department, Danish School of Media & Journalism, Copenhagen, Denmark, Type quality  |  Dodd & Gordon | Typographics, London, UK, Type rules!

Exhibitors included

Ben Waddington, Local Historian, Birmingham, Birmingham type map  |  The Baskerville Project, Baskerville animation  |  Geraldine Marshall, Lowercase, Birmingham, UK, Lowercase design  |  Barry McKay, Barry McKay Rare Books, Cumbria, UK, Rare book seller  |  Nathan Monk, Smile Creative Consultants, Birmingham, UK, My typographic horizons