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NOTE: This event is now closed

BASKERVILLE SOCIETY: St Philip’s Cathedral

14th December 2015

The Baskerville Society is an active group with frequently organised events and other activities. Events are open to members and non-members alike.

St Philip's Cathedral, Birmingham  |  14 December 2015  |  1100-1400

Despite his antipathy towards institutionalised religion, Baskerville had a close association with St Philips Church, the most fashionable in eighteenth-century Birmingham. He acted as an occasional manager of the church’s running and indeed his wife is buried there. The church - now Cathedral - hold an original Baskerville Bible [known as the Victory Bible] and early eighteenth-century engraved silverware. The visit includes a tour of the church and the grounds. This will be followed by a visit to the new Birmingham Assay office which also holds Baskerville material, an optional pilgrimage to the nearby Catacombs where Baskerville’s remains lie then lunch and refreshments at a nearby pub (not included in the ticket price).

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