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Monotype book launch

13th November 2014

History of the Monotype Corporation - book launch and reception.
Come and celebrate the publishing event of the year with Printing Historical Society and Vanbrugh Press

Copies of this ground-breaking publication will be available for sale and for signature by the authors. 
Monotype exhibits and videos will also be on display.18.45 to 19.30 - talk, discussion, and official launch in the Bridewell Hall.
Andrew Boag (co-editor) will discuss the book's journey, and its content. 
The authors - Sebastian Carter, Richard Southall, and Judy Slinn - along with Richard Lawrence, and Susan Shaw will discuss the significance of the Monotype Corporation and open the discussion to the audience.
Backgound. This important new publication is the first assessment of the Corporation's history in its significant years between 1897 and 1992. Andrew Boag initiated this exciting project in order to publish Monotype's business history. For this he commissioned leading business historian Judy Slinn. After raising sponsorship for the research and authoring, and with support throughout from Richard Lawrence, the work expanded to cover the Corporation's type development (written by Sebastian Carter) and the development of its composing technologies (written by Richard Southall). The continuing legacy of Monotype in high-quality type, along with the rescue of Monotype's hot metal business to the Type Archive is discussed by Boag and Susan Shaw in the book's Epilogue.

The 432-page book is beautifully designed (and co-Edited) by Christopher Burke in Monotype Dante with 256 illustrations (22 in colour). It is case bound with a dust jacket set in Monotype Bulmer 469 and Castellar and printed by Hand & Eye Letterpress.For more background to the book and the authors see:

Published in association with the Printing Historical Society, this launch forms part of the conference celebrating the Society's 50th Anniversary.

Thursday 13 November, 18:00 to 19:30 St Bride Foundation Institute, Bride Lane, Fleet Street, London EC4 8EE