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NOTE: This event is now closed

Hybrid Type | Conference

17th October 2008

A 3-day typographic conference organized by Birmingham City University, in conjunction with UKType and Plus Expo Ltd and hosted by the 2008 Plus International Design Festival, Birmingham

Speakers included

Ian Anderson, Designers Republic, Hybrid in Dub  |  Jeff Conrad, Red Bee Media, BBC Three – A digital pioneer ‘We want to do a Dave’  |  Marie Joe Raidy, Creative Director, Raidy Printing Group, Do not Put a Dog in the Microwave  |  Sam Town, Future Rustic, Typolitics: a visualization of hybrid research  |  Dan Moore and Ian Hambleton, Directors, Studio Output, Change is good  |  Jeff Willis, Perks Willis Design, Graphic at RSC (A history of Contemporary Practice)  |  Toby Barnes, Managing Director, Pixel-Lab, Video Games: designing for the human  |  Paul Middleton, Senior Academic of Design, University of Lincoln, Short Life Design - Television Broadcast Typography  |  Sarah Jane Coleman, Illustrator, Inkymole, Are you the lettering girl?  |  Ollie Leggett, Director, IE, Manufacturing Creativity – Lean Lessons from the Production Line  |  Jonathan Barnbrook, Barnbrook Design, Language is virus  |  Steve Bell, Cartoonist, The Guardian, The world according Steve Bell  |  Richard Bamford, Extensis, Compliance & Control in Font-Intensive Workflows  |  Julia Lila, Graphic Designer, Designing for Public Transportation  |  Nathalie Fallaha, Design Principal, Vit-e, Lebanese Graphic Design: a Homogeneous Hybrid  |  Jamie Wieck, Airside, I Don't Like It! 20 things you don't want to hear when rebranding your own company