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NOTE: This event is now closed

Ghostsigns & public lettering in the Jewellery Quarter

21st May 2014

This short walk around the streets of the Jewellery Quarter will take in some pieces of faded advertising on walls ('ghostsigns'), in addition to other noteworthy examples of historic public lettering. While photography is a good way to document ghostsigns while they are still around, nothing quite compares to seeing them up close, 'in person'. The walk will explore the diversity of public lettering found in this area of historic importance in Birmingham, touching on design, local and craft history.

Guides for the walk are:

  • Sam Roberts, curator of the History of Advertising Trust Ghostsigns Archive and author of the ghostsigns blog. Sam will also be delivering an evening Type Talk at Birmingham City University to coincide with this walk.
  • Geraldine Marshall, graphic designer and doctoral student at Birmingham City University with research into public lettering and classification methods.
  • Caroline Bunford, author of Liverpool Ghostsigns, the UK's first book focused on historic painted advertising on walls, and contributor to the History of Advertising Trust Ghostsigns Archive.