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NOTE: This event is now closed

Fast Type, Slow Type | Conference

16th October 2006

A 3-day typographic conference organized by Birmingham City University, in conjunction with UKType and Plus Expo Ltd and hosted by the 2006 Plus International Design Festival, Birmingham

Speakers included

Alison Barnes & Joseph McCullagh, From Baskerville to New Basford and back again  |  Catherine Griffiths, Journeying through the landscape of passion, disappointment, hope  |  Michael Diebold, Truck & type – transit graphics in Europe  |  Francis Atterbury & Arron Archer, Fast colour, slow colour  |  Robert Hillier, Sylexiad - a typeface for the adult dyslexic reader  |  Noëmi Bachmann, Jolanda Eberhard, Christine Kaufmann, Eliane Wehrli, Swiss made  |  Yvonne Jones, John Baskerville - one of the most imminent Jappaners in Birmingham  |  Andreu Balius, Super Veloz-fast type in Spanish modernism  |  Lisa Pomeroy, Messages in mosaic  |  Sally Castle, Instant lettering  |  Catherine Dixon, Finding milestones  |  Phil Baines, From the motor car to the motorways act: the design of British road signs, 1903-1957  |  Ausra Lisauskiene, Waterletters  |  Paul Middleton, Broadcast typography  |  Derek Fenech, The typographic art of buses  |  A.B.A.K.E., Type so slow it’ll take 32 years  |  Kathyrn Scott, Translation – an exploration between type and image  |  Caglar Okur, Typographic expressions from Eskisehir  |  Tom Phinney, ATF- too slow to survive in a fast world  |  Victor Gaultney, Worship type – the sculptured word of Arnold Flaten  |  Bez Ocko, Big bang kiss  |  Ian Montgomery & Liam McCormish, Cartypography