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NOTE: This event is now closed

SYMPOSIUM: Centre for Printing History & Culture

21st May 2015

The Centre for Printing History & Culture is a joint initiative between the University of Birmingham and Birmingham City University, which brings together international researchers to facilitate the support and promotion of printing history and culture; provides a research base for an international community of scholars; creates the conditions for research initiatives and networks; and enables the dissemination of research.

This first symposium, organised by the CPHC presents the work undertaken by its members.


Matthew Day From compositors to collectors [Newman University] Elaine MitchellForest-trees, fruit-trees and flowering shrubs’: plants & print in the eighteenth century. [University of Birmingham] Lucie Ryzova The people’s counter-archive: printing landscapes in colonial Egypt. [University of Birmingham]

John Hinks Printing and print culture: two histories or one? [Birmingham City University] David Osbaldestin Sanserif: the face of profit, purity and power [Birmingham City University] Caroline Archer, Baskerville after Baskerville [Birmingham City University] Chris Hill Fish ‘n’ chips wrapped in tomorrow’s news: newsprint rationing & the national press in post-war Britain [University of Birmingham]

Malcolm Dick The topographies of a typographer: interpreting John Baskerville since the eighteenth century. [University of Birmingham] Susan Worrall Botanical art from the Cadbury Research Library [Cadbury Research Library] Martin Killeen Printing history & culture materials at the Cadbury Research Library: a brief survey [Cadbury Research Library] Lee Hale The Winterbourne Press [Winterbourne House & Garden]