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Printing Historical Society: Landmarks in printing: from origins to the digital age

13th November 2014

In 2014, the Printing Historical Society will commemorate its fiftieth anniversary and its role in the encouragement of printing history.

To celebrate this milestone, the Society will host several events, foremost of which is a two-day conference on the theme of Landmarks in Printing: from origins to the digital age. papers cover all aspects of the printing arts and industry, including the cultural, practical and technical achievements of the craft.



Day 1: Thursday 13 November 2014

0930-1030 | registration

1030-1110 | Guest speaker: Christoph Reske: Did Johannes Gutenberg invent the hand mould: conclusions drawn from microscopic type comparisons of early prints.

1110-1140 | David Osbaldestin: Sanserif; the face of profit, purity and power.

1140-1200 | refreshments

1200-1230 | Persida Lazerevic: Landmarks in the printing of Illyrian books in the eighteenth century.

1230-1300 | Claire Bolton: A printing landmark - the first printed glossed Bible.

 1300-1400 | lunch

1400-1430 | Jon Melton: The typographic traveller.

1430-1500 | Melissa Morris + Chainy Folsom: Reimagining Incunables: how accessible digital technology illuminates the production process of Antoninus’ Summa theologica.

1500-1520 |  refreshments

1520-1550 | Elizabeth Upper: Manuscript to press to binding: red frisket sheets and the creation of colour printing, c.1490-1630.

1550-1630 | Guest speaker: Nicolas Barker: The invention of printing: the Eyewitness's Account.

1700-1800 | Guest speaker: Michael TwymanChromolithography.

 1800-1930 | reception + book launch + talk by Andrew BoagThe Monotype Corporation.



Day 2: Friday 14 November 2013

0930-1030 | registration

1030-1110 | Guest speaker: Lotte Hellinga: How William Caxton designed his books.  

1110-1140 | Alix Christie: Reads from her novel Gutenberg's apprentice.

1140-1200  | refreshments

1200-1230 | Riccardo Olocco: Scotus’ Great Primer Roman: 'Helvetica' of the Renaissance.

1230-1300 | Karina de la Garza-Gil: Material evidence in Cologne incunabula 1465-1501.

1300-1400 | lunch

1400-1430 | Caroline Archer: The making of a printer: the advent of technical education in the printing industry.

1430-1500 | Roger Gaskell, Caroline Duroselle-Melish: Papillon, Diderot and the renaissance of the woodcut in the eighteenth century.

1500-1520 | refreshments

1520-1550 | James Clough: A close look at Bodoni and his Latin types.

1550-1630 | Chairman's talk: John Hinks: Printing history and the ‘spatial turn’: how early printers chose their location.

As part of this two-day celebration, a number of other activities will run alongside the conference: an exhibition of the Society’s publications; demonstrations of historical printing methods; a book reading; a reception and book-launch.

Two-day ticket: £95 PHS Members; £125 Non-members  |  One-day ticket: £55 PHS Members; £75.00 Non-members

Organising committee Caroline Archer; Claire Bolton; Francis Cave; Andrew Dolinski; John Hinks; James Mckenzie-Hall.

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