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Book 2.0

30th November 2011

Call for articles

Aims & Scope

Book 2.0 is a new, interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal which publishes articles and reviews on historical and current developments in book creation and design, including the latest advances in technology and software affecting illustration, design and book production; it also explores innovations in distribution, marketing and sales, and book consumption, and in the research, analysis and conservation of book-related professional practices. 

Book 2.0 aims to provide a forum for promoting and sharing the most original and progressive practice in the teaching of writing, illustration, book design, book production and publishing across all educational sectors.[,id=198/view,page=0/]

Article Submissions

The relationship between author and printer is often apathetic, sometimes vexed and occasionally inspired. Most writers know little about typography; for them it is not the printing but the getting into print that matters. On the other hand, some take a great interest in how their words are presented and work with the typographer to ensure that the quality of their text is reflected in the visual manner in which it is served to the reading public. Balzac, Blake, Graves, Huxley, Shaw and Woolf all understood the inextricable link between type and writing.
Volume 1, Issue 2 of Book 2.0 will explore the link between the typographer and the writer of words, be their texts literary, commercial, instructional or inspirational; whether produced by a professional writer, graphic auteur or the casual passer-by who has simply given form to his thoughts.

We are inviting articles written to the theme of Type Writing. The topic may be interpreted either in an historical or contemporary context; discussed not only from a technical but also empirical perspective; may be explored either from an applied or theoretical standpoint; and the effects of the digital present can be considered and the unknown future predicated. 

Book 2.0 also welcomes examples of the most pioneering and inspiring writing, book-making and practice-based research by book artists, illustrators and authors on the theme of Type Writing.

Deadline for submissions: 30 November 2011

Potential contributors should send a 200–word abstract to the Guest Editor: Dr Caroline Archer []

Editorial board

guest editor Caroline Archer, Birmingham Institute of Art & Design at Birmingham City University; principal editor Anthony Harrild, Anglia Ruskin University; co-editors Mick Gowar, Anglia Ruskin University, Samantha Rayner, Anglia Ruskin University; reviews editor Ian Luff, University of Cambridge


Book 2.0 is published by Intellect Books, an independent academic publisher in the fields of creative practice and popular culture, publishing scholarly books and journals that exemplify its mission as a publisher of original thinking.