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NOTE: This event is now closed

Birmingham History Day

26th November 2011

'Birmingham History Day' brings together people and organisations interested in the rich history of the region, with the aim to develop and promote projects and to support a network of individuals engaged in research.

This may include (but is not restricted to) active scholars, postgraduate students, heritage professionals or local historians. The History Day also encourages interdisciplinary research, invites its members to participate in and take advantage of initiatives and opportunities that cross the boundaries of conventional subject disciplines, in order to enlarge research contexts and generate new ways of approaching areas of historical research.

The Hub will once again be speaking at this event, where it will present the work of Leonard Jay head of the Birmingham School of Printing, was a teacher par excellence who influenced and transformed the outlook of a whole generation of printers thereby making a significant contribution to British printing education in the first half of the twentieth century. He made the Birmingham School without equal in Britain, or possibly any other country and exercised a world-wide influence on printing education policy.