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The Bickel HK 3/68

16th October 2012

The Bickel HK 3/68 was a versatile German perforating machine

The Bickel HK 3/68 was a versatile German perforating machine that was imported into Britain in 1956 by Thompson & Langley Ltd. The machine could perforate 18 sheets of average thickness at a time with a maximum sheet width of 26.75 inches. Reinforcing the perforating tool and broadening the slot in the machine bed substantially increased the range of application of the machine. The unit could perforate 20 different patterns and was equipped with a supplementary punching attachment. This enabled a number of profiling tools to be fitted, consisting of a card head die, an index die, an edge-rounding attachment and a cornering attachment with adjustable stops. For small lot production of discount tickets, pay slips and similar perforating work, a head-fed attachment was developed. By lifting a lever this was pulled back under the action of a weight so that it positively engaged the next dog. Different spacings were set by means of dogs. Another all-purpose attachment was the ‘System U’ labelling table. There were four gauge bars on the table-top, each were provided with ten adjustable gauge blocks that allowed the desired spacing. The HK 3/68 was powered by an electric motor of moderate output and low input [0.7 hp] that drove a heavy flywheel through two v-belts. The machine weighed approximately 570 pounds.