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1st Aug 2012

Examination paper printing

The summer examination period is a stressful time not just for the students who sit the papers but also for those who print them. Producing exam material is not every printer’s dream job: the work demands 100% accuracy, total flexibility and absolute traceability; work is seasonal, lead times are short and security is high; make a mistake and Parliament asks questions, miss a deadline and the education system is compromised.

4th Jul 2012

Type’s deadly sins

To achieve good typography there are protocols that must be followed, theories to consider and hazards to be avoided! These pitfalls can impede progress or even ruin a design. There are some pitfalls that are worse than most, they are typographic sins that can murder a design if you don’t stay vigilant. So, stay on the straight and narrow and take note of type’s deadly sins.

6th Jun 2012

Name that face

So you think you have an eye for a face; test your typographic observations with this quiz and see if you can name that face!

18th Dec 2011

Salvation printing

Every Saturday, a woman dressed in a bonnet and dark blue uniform rattles a collection box and distributes newspapers in my local shopping precinct. At Christmas she is joined by a brass band in rousing the festive spirit amongst busy shoppers. They are all members of the Salvation Army, an institution that has been a part of British life for more than 130 years.

20th Nov 2011

Stamp printing

Stamps are both under-rated and over-looked items of printed ephemera; we lick, stick and drop them in the post box with hardly a second thought for these utilitarian pieces of print.

23rd Oct 2011
18th Sep 2011

Telephone Directories

In 2006, after 126 years of continuous production, the printing of the UK Telephone Book left these shores for Spain where Madrid-based Eninsa Print International assumed responsibility for the production of all 22 million copies of British Telecom’s 171 local telephone directories.

21st Aug 2011

The a-z atlas guide to London and the suburbs

Who said women can’t read maps? On the contrary, women not only know how to read maps they can also carve out successful careers plotting, drawing, designing, marketing, and selling them. In fact one of the most remarkable of cartographic achievements was entirely inspired, conceived and executed by a woman

1st Jun 2011

The art of high-tech printing

Using digital technology, Gilbert & George create controversial pieces that blur the boundaries between art and print

29th May 2011

Creating a typography timeline

Baskerville. Baskerville was the beginning for my love of typography. Before that love affair began, I randomly selected typefaces on whims, rather than considering type characteristics that reflected the project or the concept.

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