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5th Sep 2012


The relationship between author and printer is often vexed, but more often apathetic. The average author knows little about the printing process and is simply motivated by their desire to see their text reproduced: it is not the printing but the getting into print that matters.

4th Sep 2012

Cast coated paper

Cast coated paper first became available in the UK in about 1956

28th Aug 2012

The ‘Jobber’

The ‘Jobber’ was a letterpress double crown stop-cylinder machine made by Dawson, Payne & Elliott

22nd Aug 2012

Kimono screen inks

Kimono screen inks were a new development for screen-printing by Fishburn Printing Inks

15th Aug 2012

The HRT Register & Layout Table

The HRT register and layout table was manufactured in 1956 by the HRT Company and marketed by Chas. H Budd

8th Aug 2012

The ‘Kodaslide’

In 1956, fine-etchers and colour re-touchers welcomed the ‘Kodaslide’ table projector for 2 x 2 colour inch slides

6th Aug 2012
1st Aug 2012

Examination paper printing

The summer examination period is a stressful time not just for the students who sit the papers but also for those who print them. Producing exam material is not every printer’s dream job: the work demands 100% accuracy, total flexibility and absolute traceability; work is seasonal, lead times are short and security is high; make a mistake and Parliament asks questions, miss a deadline and the education system is compromised.

1st Aug 2012


Pochoir is French for ‘stencil’. It is a term applied to hand coloured prints made with stencils to mask out areas where colour is not required.

31st Jul 2012


Collotype was based on a French discovery in 1855, and was in full commercial use by the 1870s

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