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13th Nov 2012

The Repetex

After the War there was an increase in demand for multiple-image printing

6th Nov 2012

Kodak Densitometer

The Kodak colour densitometer Model 1 was specifically designed for making density measurements on colour and black-and-white photographic materials

30th Oct 2012

A la poupée colouring

A la poupé was a method used in colour intaglio printing in the 18th and 19th centuries

23rd Oct 2012

The Grafopress

Made in Czechoslovakia the Kovo Grafopress was an automatic platen

16th Oct 2012

The Bickel HK 3/68

The Bickel HK 3/68 was a versatile German perforating machine

9th Oct 2012

The Lilliput

The Lilliput was a small reel-to-reel flexographic machine manufactured by Windmöller & Hölscher

2nd Oct 2012

British standard paper & board sizes

Papers used by the printer have always been of many qualities and varying sizes

25th Sep 2012


Casting-off was the act of using figures to solve problems relating to copy, type and materials

18th Sep 2012

Metals for slug casting

The metals for Linotype and Intertype machines were the same

11th Sep 2012

Emptying a composing stick

Emptying a composing stick was a particularly difficult operation for the novice compositor

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