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29th Dec 2010

School regulations

Prints Past / Stringent regulations governing the conduct of schoolboy typographers

22nd Dec 2010

Indenture papers

Prints Past / In the 1930s indenture papers represented a legal agreement

15th Dec 2010

WWii printing trades

Prints Past / Patriotic printers of World War II

8th Dec 2010

WW1 printing trades

Prints Past / Printers had a patriotic attitude towards WWI, with thousands volunteering

1st Dec 2010

Early printing unions

Prints Past / The main reasons for hindering the development of printing in England

3rd Oct 2010

Novelties and Necessities

Each era in print has its own distinct typefaces, but who sets the trends? This brief paper looks at how I unearthed some of the cutting edge printers of the past.

3rd Oct 2010

Printer painters

Prints Past / Artists have been experimenting with printing for centuries

3rd Oct 2010

Print’s secret history

The Old Bailey’s records have been made available to the public, here we explore the archives and uncover print’s scandalous past

3rd Oct 2010


One of the delights of research is that you never quite know where it will take you and what you might find. I am a great believer in allowing distractions whilst working because serendipity plays a large part in the researching process and permitting diversions can produce unexpected results.

3rd Oct 2010

Thistles and founts

They have been printing in Scotland for more than 500 years, this article charts the industry’s history north of the border

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