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4th Aug 2013


In 1850, the French painter Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot pioneered a technique known as Clichés-verre.

28th Jul 2013

The H.P.K. Autoscan

The H.P.K. Autoscan was developed in 1955 and manufactured by Hunter-Penrose Ltd.

21st Jul 2013

Cornerstone Mixed Forme Base

Hawthorn Baker Ltd launched the new Cornerstone Mixed Forme Base in April 1956.

14th Jul 2013

Polygraph Presses

The Autophoenix Model ZB two-rev and the Victoria BR II SW were marketed by Polygraph-Export in 1956

7th Jul 2013

The ‘Rocor’

The Rocor round cornering machine

30th Jun 2013

Old type body sizes

Before the point system was invented, typefaces of particular sizes were given names

23rd Jun 2013

The ‘Unicast’

The ‘Unicast’ hand-lever type caster

23rd Jun 2013

Tying up a job

Tying up a page of metal type was no simple operation for the compositor.

23rd Jun 2013

Printers’ guide to Europe

For some people their job is also their passion. Printing is a job that often becomes compulsive and people pursue their obsession enthusiastically and even when on vacation they just can’t quite seem to get it out of their system. So if you are typophile holidaying in northern Europe this summer, here are a few printing must-sees.

20th Nov 2012

The Saxmayer

The Saxmayer was an automatic rope-tying machine

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