The Typographic Hub

The Typographic Hub

The Typographic Hub is part of the Faculty of Art, Design & Media at Birmingham City University; the Hub works to promote the history, theory and practice of typographic design. The Hub is also a constituent part of the Centre for Printing History & Culture and joint enterprise between Birmingham City University and the University of Birmingham

Heritage, Research, Symposia and Publishing

The Typographic Hub is a busy centre for the study of printing and typographic history, theory and practice. It welcomes postgraduate research students from home and abroad who wish to register for either a MPhil or PhD in typography and its allied fields. Throughout their studies, students are supported by knowledgeable supervisors and a specialist library covering all aspects of typography and graphic communication, including the social and economic aspects of printing. Regular typographic conferences and other events are organised by the Hub aimed at typographic academics, practitioners and students with an interest in the historical, contemporary or empirical aspects of design, or technical and practical approaches to typography. The Hub maintains an active publishing programme, and articles on all aspects of the history, theory and practice of typography, printing and the allied trades are frequently published on-line and in the academic to the popular, which are of interest to anyone with either a professional or passing interest in the subject. 

Members of the Typographic Hub 

Professor Caroline Archer, Director 

Dr Malcolm DickHonorary Senior Research Fellow in Printing History & Culture

Jenni Dixon, Postgraduate research student

Dr John Hinks, Honorary Senior Research Fellow in Printing History

Dr Chris Hill, Research Fellow

Becky Howson, Postgraduate research student

Geraldine Marshall, Postgraduate research student

David Osbaldestin, Postgraduate research student

Jesica Glaser, Postgraduate research student

Jeff Leak, Postgraduate research student

Sam Roberts, Affiliated researcher


Memberships The Typographic Hub is a member of number of allied organisations including

  • Arts in Society
  • Baskerville Society
  • Centre for West Midlands History Research
  • Dugdale Society
  • Printing Historical Society
  • Print Networks
  • Private Libraries Association
  • St Bride Library
  • University of Newcastle, Australia
  • Wynkyn de Worde Society