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Masthead  The typeface used for the masthead on this website is Elephant from Stevens Shanks, London. Recast for the Kynoch Press, Birmingham, in the 1930s from the original matrices for Figgins Elephant, it was much pleasanter in its curves than those of the twentieth-century Bodoni extra-bolds.

The typefaces used on the home page of this website are as follows:

Letter RLetter R:  Shaded Black, also known as Black Letter Shaded, Ornamented Fraktur, Shaded Gothic and Deutsche Zierschrift was designed by Rudolf Koch for Klingspor and was introduced into the UK by the Kynoch Press, Birmingham in 1924.


Letter LLetter L:  Eric Ravilious designed a set of initial for the Kynoch Press, Birmingham around 1927.  They were rather curious characters, strong and irregularly proportioned with a decorative floral inlay. A woodletter cut in 48 point, it was accompanied by a series of six continuous strips designed for the Press by his wife, Tirzah Garwood.


Letter HLetter H:  Milner Initials was an in-line titling, a woodletter produced in 48 and 72 point. The designer of this face was Donald Ewart Milner OBE, MA, ARCA, RWA, Head Master of the Aston School of Arts & Crafts, Birmingham, in the 1920s who had a reputation as a painter, stained glass artist and book decorator.


Letter PLetter P:  In 1930 the Kynoch Press bought a fount of Stephenson Blake’s Union Pearl. Only available in 22 point, Union Pearl, the first known English decorated type from the seventeenth century, came into the possession of Stephenson Blake in 1905. 


Ornamental tessellations: John Baskerville

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